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Shayne Brookstein

When you're shooting abroad, you trust your service provider with your project and reputation, and you need to know you're in reliable, collaborative hands: we understand that. Moonlighting is a small, focused team that can make things personal and hands-on. Plus, you can benefit from Moonlighting's infrastructure and 30+ years of experience in production services.

As budgets get tighter, it's natural for us to think outside the box, and thanks to our combined extensive experience, we always find solutions. We have great relationships with producers and directors from all over the world and let their feedback and our work - of which we are incredibly proud - speak for itself.

Locations in South Africa

South Africa can replicate locations from almost anywhere in the world, within two hours of a major city. Locations include:

  • roads (city streets, open country, winding passes, cut off highways, coastal)

  • residential (full range of architectural styles from contemporary to classic (US & European style); streets to cul-de-sacs, estates, private)

  • urban (contemporary to classic US / European style)

  • industrial (mines, warehouses, factories, derelict buildings etc.)

  • waterscapes (beaches, lakes, rivers, lagoons, Indian & Atlantic Oceans)

  • agriculture (a range of crops & livestock incl. wheat, maize, sunflower, canola, fruit orchards, vineyards; sheep, cows etc.)

  • landscape (mountain / desert / plains / forest / vineyard)

  • desert (sand dunes about 1 hr from Cape Town)

  • forest (lush tropical to Scandinavian style forest)

  • sports & recreation (major stadiums, tennis, skateparks, squash, athletic tracks, racing tracks, bowling etc.)

  • "African" landscape: savannah, plains, bush, nature reserves

  • studios & backlots: a range of studios including the world-class Cape Town Film Studios

Why come to South Africa

  • southern Hemisphere climate

  • similar time zone to Europe

  • great production value thanks to a generally weaker Rand

  • a diverse range of talent across numerous nationalities and ethnicities + competitive talent packages.

  • highly renowned crew with formidable work ethic and experience thanks a broad range of international work ranging from commericals to Hollywood films

  • city lockdowns are possible in our major cities

  • the South African film industry is really well supported by bodies such as the City of Cape Town and the film industry visa office who will always go above and beyond to assist and facilitate where needed

Previous Clients

Production houses: 1stavemachine, Serial Pictures, Skin & Bones, Outsider, Tempomedia, Markenfilm, Neuesuper, Bleck, General Pop, Scouts Honour, Giants & Toys ...

Directors: Tim Brown, Scott Lyon, John Hilicoat, Mark Zibert, Tucker Bliss, Kevin Foley, Matthaus Bussmann, Jan Wentz, Henrik Sundgren


Moonlighting joined the U.S.-based organization GREEN THE BID in 2021. In addition, Moonlighting is a proud sponsor of the SENTINEL OCEAN ALLIANCE (South Africa based) - an organisation that provides ocean-based opportunities and environmental awareness for children from coastal communities.


  • CyclopeAfrica 2018: Production Service Company of the Year
  • Shots 2018: Shortlisted for Production Service Company of the Year