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Behind the scenes at the KFC commercial with THE FILM PLACE

Preview Image for GPN, The Film Place I Making Of KFC

Once again, our friends at THE FILM PLACE had the pleasure of shooting a commercial with KFC France. They worked together with the director Vincent Lobelle and Ruben Impens as the DOP and they received together the prestigious Creative Effectiveness Award from Adweek.

The theme of the commercial was a view through time. The protagonist travels back and forth between modern times, the 1950s and the early days of KFC in Kentucky. So every detail was taken care of to faithfully recreate Kentucky in the 1950s and build the entire Colonel Sanders restaurant. This resulted in about 100 meters of set with all the kitchen equipment and a KFC clientele who could come and have a delicious dinner at KFC with their friends and family. They even imported two cars from the 1950s to capture the spirit of the era. In addition, there were elaborate choreographies where each of the actors had a double who performed spectacular tricks.

During the shoot, some very interesting effects were captured with the Phantom Camera. Shooting at 800 frames per second made it possible to show all the textures and organic elements that are invisible in everyday life, which look beautiful in this slowdown. 

Here you can see the result of the hard work:

Preview Image for GPN, KFC Origins I Croustillant depuis 1952

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