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How Effectiv Team invented a futuristic machine for O2´s new brand book

Effectiv Team has implemented the "CAN DO DECODED" project as a case film in cooperation with Dennis Fritz, Art Director at Serviceplan. Serviceplan relies on long-established and proven structures, as the collaboration with Effectiv Team has also produced awards (Gold and Bronze winners for "Wastecare" in Cannes).

The project revolves around O₂'s new brand book, and Serviceplan Bubble answers the question of what it takes to be a game changer: The actual DNA of 5 game changers was extracted from saliva samples and added to the printing ink of the book.

The set design for the case film should be a futuristic machine in a laboratory-like setup where the book is created and filled with the DNA of the protagonists. The machine should be as flexible and easy to adapt to the different individual chapters of the book. For each of the 5 game changers, there is a new landscape in which the book is integrated: a tartan track for high jumper Dick Fosbury, a sand landscape for Marian Goodell, co-founder of the Burning Man festival, a collage of illuminated circuit boards for Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and so on.

Serviceplan approached Effectiv Team with the idea and a visual concept consisting of 2D and 3D renderings. These were brought to life in close collaboration with all parties involved. They developed different backgrounds, hose and pump systems, fluids, and automations.

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In close consultation with Dennis Fritz and DP Jens Schwengel, the set design was designed with a controllable lighting concept and later implemented together. The use of a motion control system enabled dynamic and seamless transitions between the individual scenes.

A special challenge was a page-turning machine that flips the book's pages with a suction cup. Since each chapter is printed on different types of paper, the tactile properties vary significantly, and the mechanism must be able to adapt to the circumstances.

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Effectiv Team is primarily known for its high-end shots in the tabletop area and its unique dummy construction workshop. They love extraordinary projects like this that require unconventional customizations and features. Especially in projects like this, technical know-how, creativity, and close collaboration in all areas are essential to achieve significant impact with often limited resources.

Especially in today's time, where production conditions, budgets, and structures in advertising films are rapidly changing, unconventional approaches, as well as streamlined and efficient new production methods, are needed. Effectiv Team has once again proven with this project that they can comprehensively and to the fullest satisfaction handle projects from the idea to the implementation. With their many years of experience, they can assess the feasibility of ideas within the given budget framework already in the early stages of development and offer alternatives if necessary. The synergy of creativity and technical know-how is what makes their diverse team of SFX experts, dummy builders, DPs, and directors special and continues to inspire them time and time again.

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