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MORNING- a service production company by LANDIA

GPN would like to introduce a new service production company, MORNING, which was recently opened up by Landia, GPN’s production service company in Mexico.

MORNING was created to take care of all the production service work through Landia in Mexico and has now expanded into Argentina and Uruguay. Landia is doing the classic commercial production work, representing directors and working for agencies in their offices in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon.

MORNING, as a service production company, would like to go above and beyond the basics of what it can offer. It aims to be a partner to its clients. Working as a team, the two will creatively look for the best ways to carry out projects and at the same time, give personalized attention using the best professionals in the industry. Clients and producers work hand in hand to ensure that the needs of the clients are met while the producers provide a fluid and collaborative process at every step.

Thomas Amoeda and Claudio Amoeda are the Executive Producers at Landing in Mexico and the Managing Directors at MORNING for their South American offices. Both Amoedas were born into film and have continued their parent’s legacy of working in the industry. MORNING attributes its success to its EPs Ezequiel Avaro in Mexico, Magda Garcia in Uruguay, and Pedro Cannavo in Argentina.

As MORNING is under the Landia umbrella, they have been able to accomplish quite a lot given their short history. Landia has over twenty years of experience, has collaborated with more than 200 directors in more than 50 countries, and has countless projects under its belt. Beyond this just being numbers and data, they have a unique understanding and expertise in the search for solutions. They have a solid reputation, are well-known in the industry, and are widely connected across the globe. MORNING was born with having a scope that a traditional service company simply doesn’t have and Landia’s muscle can be activated (and deactivated) to support MORNING if necessary.

MORNING provides a service with executive producers in each market who have over 10, 15, and 20 years of experience in the service world. This adds a different vision due to the years they have “on the other side of the business.” They have received production services in the main markets in the world and are clear about what works and where there are opportunities for improvement. They want to bring a new vision and way of relating and carrying out productions to the table. This helps set them apart from their competitors.

When it comes to client loyalty, MORNING has three pillars upon which its foundation is built. These are effectiveness, speed, and transparency. Using these values as the core of the company, multiplied by a great collaborative and welcoming attitude from the teams, their clients call on them again and again. They take pride in being great hosts for the projects and the people that work with them and they love to generate positive and unforgettable experiences in each of their productions. Thomas Amoeda quoted an old advertising campaign from Argentina that said, “It’s not important that you come, but that you come back.” This quote suits MORNING perfectly.

To make life easier for producers and clients, MORNING has developed a mobile App where clients have all of the information about their projects at hand. This helps to provide comprehensive monitoring as the projects progress. With the help of AI, they have also developed a platform with location and casting references to achieve greater effectiveness in their proposals. Even though their role is to provide a service, their producers and the production company’s commitment is to take responsibility for the projects and budgets as if they were their own. For them, it is important that the clients do not see them as an external vendor, but as someone from their own team whose main objective is to provide solutions.

As technology rapidly changes, Thomas thinks the biggest challenge in (audiovisual) advertising is finding increasingly flexible ways to produce and learn what other kinds of productions one can provide to generate more value for the client’s chain. They like to explore how else they can become relevant and support their clients who have increasingly more and more investment channels for their budget and need a greater variety of services.

When it comes to producing in the three countries, Thomas believes that almost any city in the world can be replicated. Although most Mexican and South American cities have a European flair, they have worked on projects where they have recreated Asian cities. As for landscapes, all three offer a diverse abundance from snowy mountains to beaches and deserts and much more in between.

The talent pool and casting diversity are easier to find in Mexico and Argentina as both countries have a wide variety of actors, actresses, and models. They have worked on global and multi-ethnic campaigns in both countries without the need to bring in foreign talent. Uruguay, being a smaller country, has a somewhat smaller pool, but it is easy to bring talent from Argentina or Brazil.

Directors such as Andy Fogwill, Agustin Alberdi, Maxi Blanco, Ariel Danziger, Marco Gentile, Reynald Gresset, Henrik Hansen, Kosai Sekine, Sarah Bahbah, Andrew Batista, Lurcrecia Taormina, and Miguel Campaña are a few among the list of directors that have worked with MORNING. Landia has a page on its website dedicated to the fine directors that it has had the pleasure of collaborating with. MORNING looks forward to the future and the many directors that are to pass through its doors.

When it comes to memorable productions, one that comes to mind for MORNING is a campaign for Mercedes Benz in Argentina. It was shot in a dam with an international team from all over the world: renowned precision drivers, security professionals, divers, drone operators, and engineers working from beginning to end for a better understanding of what needed to be done during shooting. It ended up being an incredible advertisement.

Many projects have been accomplished on super tight timelines, finding perfect locations and casting for global campaigns. These are simple, yet crucial, elements for amazing productions.

When it comes to GPN, the values between us and Landia/MORNING are closely aligned. Thomas appreciates that the members share the same honor code, that they are very human and also close to their clients around the world. For Landia and MORNING, this is a must. Knowing that the other companies have a deep respect for the process and an extensive knowledge of production makes him proud to be a part of the team. Thomas is also thankful for the way the GPN takes care of the production companies they represent, this adds the feeling of being part of a global family, which is important in this business.

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