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Interview with Mamma Team: "Without the best teams you can't work with the best clients".

Mamma Team is a production company founded in 2005, leader in Spain and Portugal producing TV and photography for agencies, advertisers and production companies around the world. The production company wants to transmit that its greatest strength when working is in its producers and its experience assembling the best teams for each project: "we believe in a double objective, that not only our clients want to repeat, but also that our teams feel at home".

After Mamma Team received the Gerety Award for Best Film Production, they interviewed Carla Genoud and Albert Soler, Executive Producers of Mamma Team, to learn more about the company.

How do you adapt to the production of different contents for all kinds of agencies and advertisers, offering services to production companies from all over the world to shoot in Spain and Portugal?

Our core value has always been to understand very well what kind of project and budget the client has, and based on that, find the best production design for each one. All projects are different, and we are passionate about choosing the resources and crew that work best. Thinking "out of the box" and adapting is key.

What would you say have been the keys to become the reference production company in Spain in fashion production?

I think this is closely linked to our answer to the previous question. Besides, we would add that we already have acquired the know-how thanks to many years producing for big brands, and that we have in our team experienced figures both on the production side and on the client side.


Now more and more the advertising world is mixed with the particular universe of fashion, and in Mamma Team we already have a lot of experience making these two universes a good marriage. Times, manners, order and priorities are different in film and in high&fashion / luxury, but we have long since managed to form good teams and a very own style, where these two worlds coexist with a very efficient use of resources. Clients repeat and grow. We are interested in being leaders in every branch of the company, and we do not rest in order to achieve it.

How do you successfully and adequately manage the tax rebate that Spain offers when it comes to production?

Spain is a leader in tax rebate in terms of percentages and that gives us the opportunity to receive productions from all over the world.

We were pioneers the first year it was implemented in 2015 for a foreign film.

And likewise, for a few years now, we have been venturing into our own projects and managing local incentives. We are very proud of Rich Flu, feature film with international casting, good budget and directed by Galder (El Hoyo, 2019) that will be released in a few months.

What would you highlight mainly about your event production?

Our "know-how" and tireless adaptability, always leads us to new challenges, where clients are the ones who ask us for "mamma style and "mamma standards" for their new adventures. We don't say we do it, we "do it" and we show off. For example, a recent and ambitious project for Skoda, with production in Spain and France, where the challenge was to minimize the use of resources and reuse a large part of the materials. Sustainability and new paths are always part of our DNA.

What is your experience when it comes to non-advertising projects?

Passion and conviction has always been our driving force, and that's why we nurture ourselves by supporting both documentaries and NGOs in their projects. And of course, we are very happy with our last Rich Flu adventure and we are going for more.

What are Mamma Team's long-term goals as a production company?

To continue growing in all the sectors that Mamma develops, along with the particular "savoir - faire" that characterizes us and that is so appreciated by our clients, teams and suppliers.

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