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Making-of a food commercial at The Garage

Preview Image for Insider Business, Why Food Commercials Cost Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

Business Insider documented a “day in the life” of the making of a food commercial at The Garage with director Steve Giralt. As Steve is known for his famous burger shots, he desired to do a fun spec rest shoot based on Burger King style burgers.

The goals were simple. Put together a shoot where Insider could get an all-access peak behind the curtain of Steve’s process while creating some appetizing and delicious footage around burgers that will be used to round out Steve’s existing work.

He integrated dolly zooms, high speed robotic motion control camera movements, and explored the different size burgers and their core ingredients in a few different ways.

It was easy to put this shoot together since our partner The Garage is a premier tabletop facility with everything needed for tabletop shoots at-the-ready under one roof.

The production designer Paola Andrea built a back-of-house style kitchen set in The Garage studio to ground the burgers in the feeling of a real prep space. The food styling was done by stylist Brett Kurzweil.

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