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Location Inspiration: ARGENTINA

Argentina is a cosmopolitan and culturally rich destination. Our multicultural identity has been shaped by a fusion of Native American and colonial Spanish roots, along with influences from Italy, France, Great Britain, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This diverse heritage is reflected in the city's architecture, cuisine and the vibrant character of its people.

Not only does Argentina boast a fascinating mix of architectural styles that represent its varied history, but it also offers a stunning variety of landscapes. From towering mountains to rolling hills, vast green plains, meandering rivers, serene lakes, picturesque beaches, dramatic cliffs, icy glaciers, arid deserts and even salt deserts, the country provides a cinematic backdrop for a wide range of film projects. The abundance of waterfalls adds to the visual richness of our landscapes.

In essence, Argentina offers a unique and visually captivating canvas for filmmakers, showcasing a harmonious blend of cultures and an array of breathtaking natural settings.


Best locations

The country's greatest asset is its unparalleled variety. In one place, you can effortlessly capture the essence of Paris, Rome, Madrid, New York, London, Berlin, and more. This remarkable diversity is due to the richness of our architecture and the abundance of talent available. Argentina serves as a unique canvas, allowing filmmakers to seamlessly transport their audience to different cultural atmospheres and architectural styles, all within the same borders.

The top locations in Argentina offer a diverse range of landscapes, architecture, and demographics, including:

Buenos Aires City and surroundings: As the most populous city in Argentina, Buenos Aires boasts a rich mix of architectural styles reminiscent of European and North American cities. Nearly 40% of Argentina's population resides here, offering a wide range of talents and ethnicities.

In addition to its stunning and historic architecture, the city is a culinary haven, offering a delightful mix of traditional local cuisine and flavors from around the region and the world. The culinary scene is just one aspect of Buenos Aires' vibrant lifestyle.

The arts are a central passion for Porte√Īos, expressed in various forms such as theater, music shows and more. The city is known as the best place to experience the captivating art of tango, offering visitors an immersive cultural experience.

For sports enthusiasts, Buenos Aires is a paradise. Whether you're a die-hard soccer fan or just have a passing interest, attending a Supercl√°sico match between River Plate and Boca Juniors is a must. The city also hosts the best polo in the world at the Argentine Open, demonstrating the diversity of sporting events available.

In summary, Buenos Aires offers not only architectural beauty, but also culinary delights, cultural richness and exciting sporting experiences, making it the most sought-after and popular destination in Argentina.

Patagonia: Renowned for some of the world's most breathtaking landscapes, Patagonia is a treasure trove of natural beauty. From towering mountains to lush forests, pristine blue lakes, winding rivers, and awe-inspiring glaciers, this region captivates with its cinematic vistas. Bariloche, often referred to as the Switzerland of South America, is a jewel within Patagonia, perfect for both filming and tourism.

Salta/Jujuy area: Located in northwestern Argentina, this region features vast expanses of desert, vibrantly colored mountains, and the largest salt flat in the country - the second largest in the world. Beyond the arid landscapes are green areas with jungles, forests and vineyards.

Misiones/Iguazu Waterfalls: Located in the northeast, this area is a spectacle of nature with its magnificent waterfalls, dense jungles, expansive rivers, and plantations of tea and mate. The region promises a diverse and visually stunning backdrop for various film projects.

These locations showcase the richness of Argentina, offering a tapestry of environments, architectural styles and demographic diversity, making it an ideal destination for filmmakers seeking versatility and captivating visuals.



The climate of Argentina exhibits significant variability due to its vast size and diverse geography, resulting in a range of climate types. Summers, which are the warmest and wettest season, dominate in most of Argentina, with the exception of much of Patagonia, where it is the driest season. The northern regions experience warmth, the central areas are cool, and the southern parts can be cold, characterized by frequent frost and snow. Notably, the cold in the southern parts is moderated by surrounding oceans, making it less intense and prolonged compared to areas at similar latitudes in the northern hemisphere

The best time to shoot in Argentina is spring and summer. During these seasons, the longer daylight hours and milder temperatures provide optimal shooting conditions. In addition, the heat is generally more bearable than in other parts of South America. In winter, Argentina offers excellent opportunities to capture snow landscapes in the southern regions.

In summary, the best times to photograph in Argentina are spring and summer, taking advantage of the extended daylight and more comfortable temperatures. However, winter provides unique opportunities to capture the beauty of snow-covered landscapes in the southern parts of the country      

Shooting in Argentina

For shooting in Argentina, work permits are typically not required for advertising purposes. Directors, Producers, Directors of Photography (DOPs), and Art Directors can enter the country as tourists or for business purposes. It's important to note that the specific requirements may vary, and it's advisable to check with the relevant authorities

Additionally, individuals planning to work in other capacities or for longer durations should inquire about the appropriate visas to avoid any potential legal issues

There are several advantages to shooting in our country. Currently, the currency exchange rate is highly favorable, making it very convenient for productions. The overall cost of production and talent has become more affordable compared to previous years. In addition, other expenses, such as per diems or meals, are very reasonable priced in USD. Moreover, hotels offer a refund of 21% in tax on accommodation costs for foreign citizens. These factors contribute to a cost-effective and efficient filming environment

The Infrastructure

The infrastructure in Argentina to support large productions is very advanced. There is access to top-tier equipment such as high quality cameras, lenses, cranes, lights, drones, and even a Russian Arm. The studio facilities are well equipped and the casting process is facilitated by a wide variety of talented individuals representing diverse ethnicities. The professional and well-trained crew further enhances the overall production experience.

Argentina offers a range of specialties to enhance your production. Our professional and well-trained technician crew is well versed in various aspects of production design, SFX (special effects), and equipment handling. Additionally, Landia boast a skilled stunt crew and experienced animal wranglers to meet various shooting needs. The availability of high level equipment further ensures that your production receives the technical support it deserves.

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