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A Positive Text about the Most Positive Producer

For nearly 8 years Mr+ Positive (alias Peter Grasse) has been a part of the GPN network and we´re really happy to have him. It’s now time for a short recap about how Mr+ Positive was founded and how it became a part of our family.

Peter Grasse is an acclaimed producer and has had a profound impact on the Asia-Pacific production landscape. For over a decade, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the reputation of production companies in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Notably, as the General Manager of Curious Film Auckland in 2004, he expanded its reach by establishing production offices in Sydney and Singapore, earning his team 3 Grands Prix, 3 Gold Lions, and the Cannes Film Festival’s Semaine de la Critique Grand Prix for Stephen Kang’s “Blue”. His leadership secured Ciclope’s Asia Pacific Production Company of the Year from 2013 to 2015.

As a student of anthropology, Grasse initially went to Hokkaido to study the Ainu. During his time there, he met his wife. Together, they managed a successful film company in New Zealand and Australia. However, in 2016,  they eventually returned to Japan for their children's education and the lure of the Rugby World Cup and the  Olympics. Though the Olympics did not happen, they encountered numerous positive opportunities that led them to establish their strong team of ten like-minded positive producers who are passionate about their work- and Mr. Positive was born.

Due to Grasse’s international film experience, Mr. Positive stands out by being fluent in both Japanese and Western Production. Mr. Positive is made up of only two misters and eight other talented individuals who radiate good energy, efficiency, optimism, and a sense of style.

They foster a nurturing environment for young talent. Their experienced producers strive to stay young and inquisitive, always seeking solutions instead of giving reasons why things cannot be done. Each shoot is an opportunity for the team to joyfully learn and appreciate the practice, methods, and stories that others bring. They also pride themselves in knowing Tokyo inside and out, allowing them to provide the best recommendations for any visit.

With Mr. Positive, Grasse and his team continue to produce award-winning work, showcasing a commitment to fostering the region's emerging talent. Their in-house post-production company, Mr+Post, has expanded to offer color grading and specialized services for global campaigns, including billboards for Netflix's “The Witcher” and “Stranger Things”. Furthermore, they have invested in essential gear and have a sleek Mr+Van for client transportation.

Beyond production, Grasse has actively participated in industry events, chairing juries at Ciclope, Spikes, Lisbon Awards and in this year at YDA and Berlin Commercial, while also contributing to juries at Cannes Lions, Adfest, Axis, Shots, The Immortals, and Madstars. His accomplishments led him to speak at Cannes, marking a career dedicated to excellence and innovation in commercial production. Last year, he brought the entire team to Cannes to immerse themselves in the industry and demonstrate that they are part of a vibrant global community, as well as a part of the GPN family.

When he started Mr. Positive, Grasse met Harry – and the GPN story began. Grasse’s sunny personality and genuine interest in people and diverse cultures greatly benefit his work and is what led Harry to Grasse.

For him, GPN is full of advantages. He says, “I like champions, history, and GPN's wealth of experience. It spans the globe and has the preeminent knowledge of production service in each individual market in almost every country around the world. The benefit of working with GPN is that I know the clients that come from GPN know their stuff and are seasoned professionals ready to do great work.

The other amazing thing was you got to know Japan's worst values and strengths during the pandemic. There were calls with 50 people from all over the world talking about their experience with the pandemic, which was incredible. When everyone in the world was clueless, they were able to garner, collect, and simplify that knowledge. We were then able to create a beautifully illustrated piece that we could give our clients, giving them the confidence that we knew how to navigate this new COVID landscape.

As the film industry bounces back, there is one aspect that remains irreplaceable: capturing live action and the cultural heritage it embodies. Filmmaking, akin to playing an instrument in a band, has become an essential part of our lives that we simply cannot do without.”

Mr+ Postivie´s latest project

In a mesmerizing fusion of culture and creativity, French rapper Booba makes a triumphant return with his latest track, "6G," accompanied by a dark and dynamic promotional video set against the vibrant streets of Tokyo.

Directed by the visionary Fred de Pontcharra, the promo immerses viewers in a gripping narrative that unfolds amidst the backdrop of Japan's bustling capital. Opening with breathtaking aerial views of the city skyline, the scene quickly transitions to a heart-pounding moment as a young woman unties her necktie and leaps from a towering skyscraper. As the camera widens its focus, Booba emerges, seated regally in a vibrant kimono, clutching a black umbrella with an air of mystery.

Through a seamless blend of live-action sequences and surreal visual effects, de Pontcharra masterfully guides audiences through a series of suspenseful stunts, electrifying fight scenes, and haunting imagery that leaves viewers simultaneously on edge and captivated. From the intricate beauty of geisha masks to the chilling intensity of unexpected twists, the promo delivers a cinematic experience unlike any other.

Providing essential local support for the production's seamless execution was Mr+Positive Tokyo, a renowned production company known for its dedication to crafted excellence. Handling everything from casting and location scouting to set decoration and stunt coordination, Mr+Positive Tokyo ensured that Booba's creative vision came to life with unparalleled authenticity and precision.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Peter Grasse, Founding Producer at Mr+, expressed his enthusiasm for working alongside such esteemed talents from both France and Japan. "It was an honor to collaborate with a director and director of photography of such caliber," Grasse remarked. "The Japanese team is thrilled with the final result, and we are proud to have played a part in bringing this vision to fruition. That’s Positive!”

With "6G," Booba and his visionary team have not only crafted a compelling musical masterpiece but also a visual spectacle that transcends borders, igniting imaginations and leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. It also got a great response from the world, and was just named one of the six best music videos in the world.

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